SUNF Farm King A058 - ATV Tyre
SUNF Farm King A058 - ATV Tyre

SUNF Farm King ATV Tyre - 6ply

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Designed in NZ, the Farm King ATV tire by SUNF has a 6-ply construction for durability and extra load capability. Center lugs provide extra traction and better control, angled knobs dig into the terrain for maximum traction, and the directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains. Not only will mud be cleared easily, but the ride on hardpack will also be smooth. An extended-wear rubber compound provides for long life and better value.

  • 6 ply rating
  • 19mm tread (approx)
  • A058

NB: As from 1st March 2024, all tyres will incur a Government mandated disposal fee under the Waste Minimisation (Tyres) Regulations 2023. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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