OptiMate MONITOR O-125 - Adaptor w/ Monitor

OptiMate MONITOR O-125 - Adaptor w/ Monitor

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Smart battery lead that measures voltage; monitors charge of a stored 12V lead-acid & 12.8V lithium-ion battery and confirms if the vehicle charging system is working correctly.


  • LENGTH: 6″/15cm
  • BATTERY CONNECTOR: 2-pin SAE ringlets
  • CHARGE CONNECTOR: 2-pin SAE, protected from dirt and liquid with rubber sealing cap & shroud.
  • OPERATION: 2 automatic Modes – Battery charge level monitor (single LED blink mode) & Charging system test (arrow mode).
  • Vehicle storage: 4 LEDs cover ‘full to empty’ voltage range of all 12V batteries, including higher voltage AGM for power sport (3th √ LED ≥ 12.7V). LED matching charge level blinks every 3 seconds (long term draw less than 0.2mA).
  • Vehicle running: LED arrow mode activates when charge voltage reaches ideal charging voltage; up to minimum 13.5V or ideal range 14V+.
  • CABLE RATING: 16AWG (1.31mm2) SPT-2W
  • USE: -40°C/-40°F very low temperature, remains flexible at ‘below freezing’ temperatures
  • STYLE: Fully enclosed electronic circuitry with 4 LEDs, SAE charge connector with rubber sealing cap & shroud


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