Givi Pannier Hardware - Ducati

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To mount Givi panniers to your bike, you will need a set of bike-specific racks from Givi. Racks are not universal and each bike is different. Please refer to the My Motorcycle section of Givi's website for fitments or contact us for help with your bike. If there is no rack for your bike on Givi's site, check the listings below, as we sometimes have out-of-production racks still in stock.

Givi pannier rack kits come in different varieties as follows:

  • PL racks are the most common, standard racks for all Monokey panniers
  • PLR racks are also for all Monokey panniers but include a rapid release system to quickly remove the racks when not needed
  • PL_CAM are racks specifically for Trekker Outback panniers (OBK)
  • PLR_CAM are racks for Trekker Outback panniers (OBK) that include a rapid release system
  • PLO_MK are Givi's new One-Fit system, a rack preconfigured for Monokey, but can be adapted to take Trekker Outback panniers
  • PLO_CAM are Givi's new One-Fit system, a rack preconfigured for Trekker Outback, but can be adapted to take Monokey panniers
  • PLOR_MK or PLOR_CAM are the same One-Fit racks as above, but includes a rapid release system. Note, many PLO style pannier racks not designated as PLOR can actually be adapted to rapid release - check details on the specific rack
  • TE are special racks for Givi Easylock panniers (ST609 only)

Please note, prices for out of stock items are subject to change and luggage is not included with the frame.

Please Note: Most stock is held off-site, if you're wanting to view the product before purchase please contact us.