Renthal Replacement Gen3 Clip-On Tube

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Universal Replacement Gen3 Clip-On Tube by Renthal®. Finish: Silver. Renthal™ Clip On Handlebars Race Control. The new Gen 3 clip-ons have been designed for race applications, offering the racer minimal mass components and reduced forward offset.

The reduced 20 mm offset centralizes the rider's mass allowing them greater opportunity to shift their body weight around the bike. Capable of withstanding the increased loads that a road racer places upon them, Gen3 clip-ons are more than strong enough for road applications, however, Renthal strongly advises against any modification to the clamp or tube in any way. This includes drilling the tube to fit a locating pin associated with road motorcycle switches.


Tube length: 210 mm / Tube I/D: 18 mm


  • Constructed from 2014-T6 aluminum
  • Expertly crafted from the highest grade materials
  • Precise engineering ensures the latest in quality
  • Unique, dependable, and functional


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