Economically Priced
Economically Priced

Ikon Suspension

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The front suspension of any motorcycle has to not only support the bike but take the initial force of unevenesses on all road and track surfaces. If the springs in the forks have sagged or are too soft or too hard for any reason the ride will be less pleasureable and tend to give other parts of the front and rear suspension a harder time.

Ikon fork springs allow full suspension travel, alleviate sag and nose dive while contributing to improved stability, ride control and comfort.

Most Ikon fork springs are progressive rate designs giving comfort over smaller bumps and extra control for larger suspension movements.

Ikon fork springs are available for a large variety of motorcycles including scooters, modern and vintage road and trail bikes.


If your bike suffers from suspension bounce, topping out, sag, bottoming out, or it's just too hard or unstable, then a new set of IKON shocks will do the trick. Extremely economically priced they are excellent value for money. Suitable for conventional style shocks on everything from Harleys to Hondas.

Series 7610

For bikes with conventional suspension

Externally adjustable rebound damping with just a finger touch.

Spring seat adjustable to three positions

Progressive rate spring

Chrome finished body

Series 7610-SP8

For choppers and custom bikes

Polished and chromed spring cover, spring, and body.

Adjustable rebound damping with just a finger touch

Spring seat adjustable to three positions

Progressive rate spring

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