ENI i-Ride Moto Synthetic 20W-50 - 1L

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ENI i-Ride Moto 20W-50 - 1L Bottle

eni i-Ride moto 20W-50 is a top synthetic technology motorcycle lubricant that guarantees maximum engine protection, especially in severe riding conditions. Its characteristics of resistance to extreme conditions and optimal viscosity are also felt after prolonged use.

Properties and performance

  • The synthetic basestocks strengthen the oil film which adheres tenaciously to metal surfaces even when the engine has been standing for some time, thus ensuring easy starting and greatly reducing wear under high load conditions.
  • The outstanding "stay-in-grade" quality represents an important guarantee of viscosity stability, even after an extended period of extreme service.
  • The thermally-stable synthetic basestocks show extremely low volatility and minimize oil consumption.
  • The special formulation ensures high performance in terms of detergent/dispersant, antirust, antifoam, antioxidation and antiwear properties.


eni i-Ride moto 20W-50 meets the requirements of the following specifications:

  • JASO MA, MA2
  • API SG

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