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Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant

Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant, commonly known as Bel-Ray Bakerylube Series, is a mixture of fluid carriers and finely divided, high purity graphite powder. Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant is engineered to provide superior lubrication of chain side bars, sprockets, pins and bushings at various application temperatures. When correctly applied, the carrier fluid of Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant evaporates, depositing the graphite lubricant to the baking oven chain’s critical points. The carrier fluids of Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant are carefully selected to minimize any smoke and fire risk. Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant grade selection is based on chain temperature at the point of application.

General Description
Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant is a mixture of a carrier fluid and high purity graphite powder. As do other bakery chain lubricant, Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant separates on standing. The graphite lubricating solids are easily re-suspended when Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant is agitated prior to application. When applied at recommended temperatures, weekly relubrication will keep the chain operating smoothly. The chain should be moved as little as possible until dry. Follow the “General Instructions for Using Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant” for suggested application conditions. 

Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant - Cold Chain – for most chains that are cooled to below 82°C (180°F) application temperature


Features and Benefits

Wide application temperature range Suitable for most bakery chain applications.
High purity graphite solid lubricant Superior wear protection.
USDA H2 rated Acceptable in food plants where there is no possibility of food contact.

Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant Cold Chain is graphite with a fluid carrier for use in ovens that are able to cycle down to temperatures below 82°C (180°F). It must be stirred to disperse the graphite uniformly in the fluid before application. Bakerylube Oven Chain Lubricant Cold Chain is a highly efficient lubricant. Weekly re-lubrication is usually sufficient. If more frequent lubrication is required to prevent chains from squeaking, discuss your application with your Bel-Ray representative.

1. Use as received and do not dilute.
2. Mix thoroughly before applying. Mixing may be necessary during application.
3. Extinguish all gas burners, pilot lights and any other source of ignition.
4. Oven temperature should be 82°C (180°F) or less.

1. Keep container tightly sealed at all times when not in use to prevent evaporation and contamination.
2. Apply by brush, swab, electric or air pump.
3. Lubricate between pins and bushings.
4. Clean the chain periodically by pinging and wire brushing (rule of thumb 4 times annually). A clean chain and free-turning rollers assure that the solids in the lubricant can migrate and leave a fine film on all the moving parts.
5. To gauge the proper temperature for application of the lubricants, use a temperature gun to measure actual temperature of the chain. Don't refer to the printout of the oven zone temperatures.
6. Establish appropriate chain speed and always lubricate while running at that speed.
7. Documentation and record keeping is essential to monitor proper application and to help establish best lube schedule and parameters to prolong the life of an oven chain. 

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